Calle Claudio Coello 19, 28001 Madrid
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Telephone: +34 91 536 90 65
Mail: [email protected]

Director: Javier Machín


Lunes a sábados: 11h a 20h30
Sundays: closed.

Diplomatic Madrid: a new store in line with the attractive bustle of the city.

In December 2019, Diplomatic opens its first official store in the city where it was born; Madrid. The Spanish architecture studio DIIR is responsible for the design of this unique space in the capital.

Undoubtedly the capital of Spain is a special place within European culture. Its cities, towns, people and customs make this territory an exceptional country. Its founder, Rodrigo Fernández, was born in Madrid in 1995 and since the beginning of the project, the capital has become the mainstay of the brand growth. The enormous cultural richness of Madrid and its fashionable atmosphere combine perfectly with Diplomatic’s commitment to style and quality and its innate link to the cosmopolitan lifestyle.

The architecture and design. Work of the Spanish studio DIIR. What were we looking for? Turning a conventional venue of just 18m2 into a shoe store where the care for the design becomes the great challenge of this project. Through the passion for materials and the search for simplicity, an elegant and restrained space is proposed, where great sensitivity is shown in the resolution of every detail.The space is defined by its three main elevations, which are designed with the utmost delicacy. Each of them acquires its particular character depending on the benefit it is intended to offer. The main elevation, dedicated exclusively to the product exhibition, is covered in stone. Thin sheets of steel are born from the stone’s wounds, and generate continuous shelves on which the footwear is placed. The cold and neutral character of the stone together with the steel, gives prominence to the product, which, bathed by the strips of light, acquires a special gold.

On the other hand, the opposite elevation takes on a radically opposite character. Wood becomes the main character, and from it, a piece of furniture is designed that fulfills various functions. On the one hand, a bench seat is created, which, covered in leather as an armchair, allows the user to comfortably try the shoes. In the same way, a display space is generated accompanied by a monolithic block of green terrazzo that limits the sales space. The last elevation is constructed by the reflection of the activity of the Claudio Coello street itself through the mirror that covers the surface of this last plane of the place. Thanks to this material, the interior space is doubled, achieving greater visual amplitude and generating the background of an artificial tester for the customer.

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